The idols who have influenced Sonam's life


By IndiaFM

Chirpy Sonam names the idols who have influenced her life and acting style apart from her papa, who’s her “mentor, philosopher and guide” and manages her contracts and deals:

Waheeda Rehman:
Gorgeous dancer, stunning looker and a whammy performer, she really had the goods. Her snake dance in Guide is Sonam’s all-time favourite and she “envies” her for being Guru Dutt’s heroine. Rekha:
Her enduring “aura” and magnificent screen presence fascinates Sonam.

She’s impressed with Sri’s “sheer range” which is amply displayed in Sadma and Chaalbaaz.

Salman Khan:
When her childhood star turned her hero, she knew that Lady Luck was beaming upon her. Sonam is awed by his “complete dedication” to cinema.

Believe it or not, during her college days Sonam “simply worshipped” singer Shaan and doted on his Lovology album.