"I will make sure that Aladin isn't harmed" - Sujoy Ghosh


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Sujoy Ghosh is expecting far busier days ahead. If getting the story-board in place for Aladin was an interesting experience in itself, the film's shoot with actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Riteish Deshmukh came with its own share of fun. The man isn't relaxing though. He has moved into an extensive post production exercise where he is working day in and night out on getting the special effects in place for this multi-crore film.

"First cut of the film, though sans the special effects, is ready and that has already excited those who have showed faith in the film over the years. However, it is just 40% job done since the special effects are currently in progress which would take up bulk of effort", says Sujoy Ghosh who has given three years of his life into making Aladin a reality which it is turning out to be.

So impressed are the people behind Aladin that sequel plans are already out. "True, that's unprecedented", says Sujoy in an elated tone, "I am happy to be working with people who are so confident about the film that they aren't really worried about how the box office fate of Aladin would look like. Of course, it is their confidence in the product which is speaking but how many out there would be so keen on getting the second installment in place even before audience response to the first in the line is yet to be ascertained?"

Talking about the film reaching out to its audience, how does the release plan for Aladin look like? Is Sujoy sticking to the Christmas release of the film? "Pretty much so", says Sujoy confidently, "I don't see any reason for doing anything different. We are going ahead just as per the plans since the festive season is just right for a film like Aladin. For children as well as adults alike, Aladin is a wholesome entertainment in offering in the long Christmas weekend."

But Aamir Khan has his own plans as well! After quite a few reshuffle in the plans for Ghajini, he seems to have finalized the same Christmas weekend for bringing his much hyped film.

Sujoy gives a calculated reply after a thoughtful pause, "A clash is certainly not good for any film, seriously. So let me put it this way - even though we all are confident about Aladin and would want it to come on Christmas, we won't do anything silly out of plain ego that would harm our film. Aladin is precious to use and we will make sure that it isn't harmed by any wrong move."

"Let's see which way the wind blows in days to come. We would take a decision then. However, as of now Aladin is pretty much on track for the Christmas release and we should have the promos beginning in the middle of October", concludes Sujoy with a smile.