I will focus on having a positive environment: Sussanne Roshan


By Hindustan Times

Diwali is the period when your house is the cleanest and has a sparkly feel. So, whether it’s the upholstery, curtains or paintings, each and every thing needs to be done up, even if it isn’t being replaced with something new. To welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your house, the environment has to be nice and clean.

Of course, some fundamental things for me are cleaning, redoing the paintwork and renovating. This includes everything — from new drapes to polishing wooden furniture and silverware. As for buying new things, it all depends on what really attracts you. It could be anything from art installations to silver, sculptures and new furniture. The whole idea is to give the environment an auspicious touch to let in new energy. But the rule of thumb is that since you choose things with so much love and care, they have to have some meaning. Nothing should be done just for the sake of doing it.

My family trusts my judgment. Although I take suggestions from all of them, since they are as house proud as me, I always choose things that the family will be equally interested in. Hrithik has a very good feel for what seems right and classy. He doesn’t ask too many questions, but gives his honest opinion whenever I need it. Considering he has a very good eye for detail, I take his opinion before taking the final call.

For this Diwali, I have honestly not thought of anything, but my thorough cleaning process is already underway. Whatever I do, the focus will be on keeping the environment positive. So a nice aroma will be there, in addition to the good energy that every family member will experience.When you have kids, like I do, you have to also make sure that nothing, in terms of renovation and doing up things is dangerous to your children. Their safety is of paramount importance.