I was willing to chop off Manoj Kumar scene - Farah Khan


By IndiaFM

Collections of Om Shanti Om are out and the film has broken all existing box office records for the first week business across the country. With an all time high collections in the very first week, the film seems to be heading towards breaking the box office collections of Partner and Chak De India, the two biggest box office earners of 2007, in two weeks flat.

Meanwhile, with all the 'khushi' around the film's success, there is also a hint of 'ghum' with news around Manoj Kumar being upset with so-called digs taken at him in the film. "But all seems to be fine now after Shahrukh and myself apologized to him,” says a relieved Farah Khan. "I spoke to him and did say sorry. Even Shahrukh did the same." In fact, before the release of the film, Farah has informed about the scene as well as usage of a duplicate to Manoj Kumar. "I also offered to even cut out the scene if he wished but he refrained us from doing so,” clarifies Farah when asked if she planned to chop off the portions now because it had supposedly offended one and only 'Bharat Kumar'.

"I did ask him though that why didn't he speak to me and scold me if he felt offended by the spoof. After all he is a senior in the industry,” informs Farah. "He seemed to be quite cool about the entire incident and said that he wasn't offended about it. It was quite sweet of him to say that he treated me like his daughter."

Meanwhile, audience continues to shower their love on the film with the prints being further increased across the country in view of heavy demand for the film. In Mumbai alone, there are 80 additional shows in the second week. Reports also indicate that the film has broken box office records in number of territories.

The other film to have benefited immensely due to under performance of Saawariya is Jab We Met. After a brief layoff last week due to multiplexes opting for going all out for screening Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, Jab We Met is back with a vengeance due to popular demand. While print count for Saawariya has shown a decline, it has only increased across the country at all major centers for Jab We Met.