I was offered Indian Idol, so I took it up: Asha Bhonsle


By Hindustan Times

At the launch of the show, Asha Bhonsle took time out to answer just three questions

Why did you choose to be part of Indian Idol 6?
It is a big show, a popular one too. I was offered it, so I took it up. It was as simple as that. I consider this my work.

What will you look for in a singer while judging the show?
Sur (pitch of the voice) will be my prime focus. Pitching should be correct. Also the voice has to be sweet. Rhythm is also required. The language in which the person is singing the song, with the correct pronunciation, needs to be correct too. But sur is of utmost priority.

The tagline of the show this time is ‘Behind every idol there are many other idols’. Who is your idol?
My dad was my idol. I learned a lot from him about sargam, raag and sur. I regret that I couldn’t learn much as he passed away very early in my life. Later in my career, I met many accomplished and talented music composers who taught me a lot about honing my singing skills.