I was not worthy enough to do Krrish 3 due to health: Hrithik


By Hindustan Times

He became the first superhero of Bollywood with Krrish but actor Hrithik Roshan felt he was not worthy enough to reprise the role in the upcoming sequel owing to his poor health.

In Koi Mil Gaya, a science-fiction, he played a mentally challenged individual, which seemed like a risk but Hrithik pulled it off with ease. Then came Krrish, which claimed to be Bollywood's first superhero movie and had Hrithik jumping around in trenchcoat and a mask. It was an instant hit with kids. But while shooting for Krrish 3, Hrithik got injured badly at the Filmistan Studios after he fell down. Earlier, he was also admitted to Breach Candy hospital as he had injured his back while shooting for Agneepath.

"My dad was like should we make Krrish now or not should we make it in 2013 but I was sure that if we don't make it now then it will not happen. We had taken dates of everyone. After two years we had reached here and if we don't start now then it will not happen. So we had to start and I get to get into right shape," Hrithik said in a interview.

With injuries, it seemed that the actor was not able to cope up with the training for the sequel. Despite all this, for Krrish 3, Hrithik went ahead. "I had to get into best shape health wise. I had to achieve a pain free body, I am like damaged goods...knee, elbow, shoulder.. all injured..," he said.

"It is a good thing that people think of me as a superhero. Two months back I did not feel like superhero. I took my Krrish jacket it did not fit me, I was like I am not worthy enough to do Krrish so to make myself worthy, I hunted for best trainers from UK...I had ten weeks of transformation. I lost 10 kgs in 10 weeks," he said.

"Earlier, I was like I can't do action because of the slip disc..back problem I felt it was over...what to do there was depression..I used to smoke a lot. But then I thought I had to improve my health," he said. Hrithik also showed keen interest in playing the villain for Krrish 3, which is now essayed by Vivek Oberoi.

"When I heard the script I wanted to play the hero and the villain. I wanted to play double role. I pushed dad to let me do both things..I nudged him...I used to tell him there is no actor to do it. But then he was like we will get someone and he signed Vivek. When I saw him (Vivek) giving the shot he was too good in that role. I couldn't have done justice to it. I am happy my father stopped me from doing it," Hrithik said.

Also, the actor feels, this is the best script his father Rakesh Roshan has written. "This is my father's best picture till date. Colors, songs, item songs, action etc are decoration...script is more important...anything else is decoration. I have confident in the script," he said. On why it is called Krrish 3, he said, "First came Koi Mil Gaya, then Krrish and now we have another sqeuel so its a journey of three films." The film featuring Hrithik, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranuat and Vivek Oberoi will hit cinema houses this month.