I was never happy with Nisha- Priyanka Kothari


By IndiaFM

It's official. Priyanka Kothari is back to her actual name even though her screen name was Nisha Kothari for films like Sarkar, James, The Killer, Shiva, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag and most recently Go.

Confirms Priyanka, "I have always been Priyanka, that's my real name. My bills, passport, every other identity document has me listed as Priyanka. It's just that in the industry I was rechristened Nisha. However, I was never happy to be called by a different name. It's so odd when all these years you have been called by one name and suddenly you are required to respond to a different name."
Is there some greater reason that has resulted in her sudden reversal to the original name? "It is nothing sudden. I had this thing in mind all these months and years but it took me a single moment to take this decision. I am happy for my family since my father gave me this name with so much affection. I feel relieved when I got back to Priyanka and immediately called him up. Everyone at my home is so happy with this."

How about her identity in films down South? At one point of time she was even called Amoha there. "It's going to be only Priyanka henceforth. No more different names business. Period."

Over the years industry has known her as Nisha. Does she feel the transformation to Priyanka would be smooth sailing? "No, I don't see any problem here. It's just a matter of time before people know me by my real name". She adds in a lighter vein, "I have already started telling people to change my name from Nisha to Priyanka in their mobile phone directory."