I was living in a cocoon: Neha Sharma



After making a successful debut in the southern film Chirutha, Neha Sharma was disappointed when her Bollywood debut Crook (2010) bombed at the box office. And the actor says she was in denial after that. “Honestly, my first (southern) film was a huge hit, so I didn’t expect my first
film here (in Bollywood) to fail. I had seen that high in life and didn’t know that this was a possibility too. When it didn’t do well, I was in denial and disappointed. I was obviously living in a cocoon,” says Neha.

However, she has made efforts to pull herself out of the disappointment. “I want to do good work. The first failure affected me. That is why I did Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum,” says the actor and adds that she wouldn’t have done the adult comedy had her first film worked.“I was like, if this is what works, then why not do this? It’s something that I would not have done otherwise as it was not in my comfort zone,” she explains.

Neha, in fact, feels that it is very important for newcomers to have box office hits. “You have to have box office success because only then will people show interest in you. This is something, which surprises me. I don’t think it is about talent or looks, it is primarily about box office success,” she says.