I want to see Shahid married soon, says dad Pankaj Kapur

By Hindustan Times

Actor Pankaj Kapur has been around for over 30 years, making his mark in theatre, on television and in films. Yet, his most colourful role might have just come now. He talks about his acting career, being a proud father and looking forward to Shahid’s marriage.

Your character Matru seems flamboyant. Why haven’t we seen you do something like this before?
You haven’t seen me doing this kind of role because they were not offered to me. Vishal, with whom I did two films earlier, had the confidence in me. He offered me the role because he knew I’d be tempted to do it.

How do you see your contribution towards your son Shahid’s career?
I’m the proud father of a star, but I didn’t make him one. When he was going to s