I want to live to the hilt at 70: Martin Scorsese

By Hindustan Times Filmmaker Martin Scorsese says he wants to live his life to the hilt at 70. The 70-year-old Oscar-award winning filmmaker chats about how he forged a career spanning more than 45 years, from which actor he learned the most and how striving to be in the league of the greatest film directors keeps him making more movies. Why are you still driven to do what you do? I am not satisfied with the work. I just don’t know. Some people might find that incredible coming from you? I know if I was inspired by 2280 films, I will never be able to equal that feeling of a transcendence. So I may never be in that league with my own films, for myself. Maybe that is why I am trying. So it’s important to be in that league of directors? Yes. I would like to be one of them. So I am trying to make it, as much as possi