I think Twitter is low and cheap, says Imran Khan



It’s been three years since Imran Khan quit Twitter, and he is not joining it back ever again. The actor, who visited HT City on Saturday, while on a trip to the city to promote his film – Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Again, vent his disgust for the microblogging site, when asked if he’ll join it

“I think Twitter is low and cheap and I see no reason to join it. Why should I let people intrude into my life and let them know about my activities 24x7? My gatekeepers don’t let everyone enter my house. So, why should I let anyone enter my pocket through my phone to follow me wherever I go?” he says. Imran feels that the site gives liberty to people to behave irresponsibly. “Twitter is making people follow mob culture and lose their individuality. Anonymity and lack of monitoring makes them say things they would never say at your face,” he says.

Shift topic to his film’s co-stars Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, and Imran is full of praises. “I’ve become a huge Akshay Kumar fan. He doesn’t carry the burden of stardom and goes out of his way to help his co-stars. As for Sonakshi, I had heard that she has an attitude. But the truth is that she is one of the most professional actors I’ve met.”

And, why did Imran reschedule the release of the song, Tayyab Ali, from the film? “Launching it during Ramzan would mean that a certain section of the audience wouldn’t get to enjoy it, as it’s a month in which people refrain not only from food but also from entertainment. So we released the song now.”