'I make comedies but can't crack jokes' - Priyadarshan


Author : Riddhi Doshi Date : 9/25/2007
Laugh-master Priyadarshan reveals his serious side

What do you think has made 'Dhol' work?
To begin with, it is a comedy. My comedies have always done well. Another, it is a youth-based film, which appeals to most people.

Tell us something about your next film 'Bhool Bhulaiya'.
It is a comedy with a difference. Here, I have tried to prove that ghosts exist. Being a student of psychology such topics interest me.

How do you manage shooting two films at a time?
It just happens. I enjoy every moment of my work and hence always want to do more. The minute I get bored, my movies start failing. Hence I make only those films that I am keenly interested in.From where do you draw inspiration?
Just like any other filmmaker, I too derive inspiration from books and from other directors.

After the failure of 'Kyun Ki' are you sceptical about doing another emotional film?
I have realised that people expect me to make comedies. These work and producers make money. If my producer is happy, so am I. People want to laugh and not cry; hence I will stick to comedies. When I want to make movies for myself, I make serious documentaries and short films. But for commercial purposes it has to be a comedy.

Are you a humorous person in real life as well?
No! In fact, people complain that I am too serious. I make comedies but can't crack jokes.

You are known to be a tough taskmaster.
I do get upset with actors who let me down. Usually, when my actors are not able to perform the way I want them to, I act out the expression for them.

Who is your favourite actor?
Tabu is a very sensible actor. She's committed, understands emotions and loves her profession more that herself.

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