I love peddling scary shows: Vikram Bhatt


By Hindustan Times

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, currently shooting Raaz 3 with Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu in Mumbai, returns to TV tonight with the series, Haunted Nights, on Sahara One. The show, to air five days a week, will run one short story every week. So far, the producer-director-writer has filmed
three-four stories across the city and in its outskirts. “I’m the creative force behind this show. I’m not directing any episode nor am I planning to act in them,” says Vikram, adding, “I have ample work on my films to keep me busy. So, I’m only supervising.”

A year ago, Vikram’s company had introduced another horror show called Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on a leading general entertainment channel. He doesn’t elaborate on the reasons why his company didn’t continue the show beyond two episodes. “I can’t call it my show. But I still feel what we did in those two episodes was good enough to give it a head start,” he adds.

After producing several scary movies and shows, the 43-year-old insists he doesn’t go looking for creepy stories, they find him. “Everyone peddles certain emotions or sensations with the help of certain stories. I’m fixated on fear and horror stories, and love peddling scary shows. I’ve always found them very gripping,” says Vikram, who, after a course in psychic meditation, can sense ‘spirited’ beings around him.

He adds that another reason for him to indulge in horror so often is that he believes firmly that supernatural beings exist. He says, “I’ve not encountered any harmful ones. They’ve been my protectors. Whatever I experience, I prefer narrating it through shows and movies. That way, people at least believe what I say!”