I love my father to death: Trishala Dutt



Sanjay Dutt’s 24-year-old New York based daughter Trishala, has blogged about why she kept silent on her father’s three year jail sentence.

“I’ve been harassed as to why I’m so silent on the subject but all I want to say is this. “There’s no such thing as having an emotional breakdown anymore. I love my father to death and I will always be his blood, his first born, his everything. I’m just sick of people making stupid assumptions as to why I wasn’t there in India by his side during the time of judgment, why I’m silent, why am I posting pictures on Instagram acting all happy and all that other bullSh*t. I’m SICK of half of you asking me why haven’t I come to India yet. Did it ever occur to some of your curious minds that maybe my father told me NOT to come?? Some of you are so quick to judge it’s ridiculous and really annoying.”