I live to love him: Saira Banu


Author : Farhana Farook

As the yesteryear star turns a year older today, she talks about her passion - husband Dilip Kumar

From being Bollywood's original 'beauty queen' to Mrs Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu's been a chequered chronicle. "Life's not about how many awards I've received. It's about the love that I've received," says Saira who turns a year older today.

Rewinding memories

Saira, who unmasked the glam face of the Indian heroine ('Purab Paschim', 'Victoria 203'), affirms that she's 'old fashioned at heart'. "I was born with a silver spoon, but life's not been a fairy tale," she says.. Though Saira today has forayed into production with a Bhojpuri film and TV shows, her world spins around her husband. She shares, "Once Rekha told me, 'When I see my close-ups in earlier films, I feel it's been worthwhile. Don't you miss acting?' But I said that my priorities are different. There was a point when not working was distressful but not anymore."

Minding my man

However, being married to a superstar was anything but enviable. "At one time I felt that he didn't need me. It took me 25-30 years to work at this marriage." A Dilip devout, Saira 'couldn't share her husband with any woman' (referring to his brief second marriage to Asma). "I stuck on due to my mother. She'd say, 'This is the same man who loved and married you. If he's faltered, you've to stand by him. He admitted it was a gross mistake and assured, 'Main sab theek kardoonga'," relates Saira adding, "Today, the realisation that I'm indispensable to him is my success. I've reaped the fruits of persistence. People ask me, 'Don't you miss children? I say, 'I have 10 at home in my husband. I live to be able to love him."

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