I live with ghosts: Vikram Bhatt


By Hindustan Times

The producer-director is back to doing what he does best — horror. After making a trilogy of spooky films, Vikram Bhatt is returning to the small screen with Andhera, a series of eerie stories on Colors.

“I believe in ghosts. I live with them all the time; I can feel their existence. What’s scarier is to live with people around you,” says Bhatt, confirming the news. The relationship-based series is expected to arrive within a month or two. “In my show, a husband and wife fight, make up and also go around helping people get rid of evil sprits,” says Bhatt.

Take two
Two years ago, soap queen Ekta Kapoor had produced a show called Koi Aane Ko Hai, which was based on real-life ghost stories penned by those who had experiences with the inexplicable encounters with spirits.

Does Bhatt intend on taking a similar route? “Not really,” he says, adding, “Ekta’s take on ghosts and evil spirits was different, and mine is totally different. Since I believe in ghosts and live with them, I’d rather take stories out of my own experiences rather than take them from someone else’s. All I can promise you is that you will find the show really spooky.”

Though the time bracket for Andhera to air on Colors is yet to be figured out, it is expected to occupy a weekend late night slot.
Bhatt’s next release, a 3D horror film called Haunted releases on April 15.

The director was expected to produce and direct a thriller for Star Plus about a year ago. “That has been scratched,” he informs, “It didn’t work out as a concept because apart from the thriller bit, it involved human elements too. The star personnel and I, mutually thought that we were not doing justice to either, so we decided to scratch the show. But Star and I will work together. We just need to find the right concept.”