I just fell to the ground: Asha Bhosle on daughter's death


By Hindustan Times

Asha Bhosle hasn't come to terms with her daughter Varsha Bhosle's death yet. She is not making public appearances these days. The singer told Mumbai Mirror that her family wanted to keep her in dark about the tragedy.

Varsha Bhosle, 56, committed suicide at shot herself in the head with a pistol at her mother's Peddar Road home on October 8. Varsha, said the police, was found lying in a pool of blood on a sofa of her living room by Bhosle’s driver at around 10.30am.

"I was in Singapore when it happened. They wanted to keep me in the dark about it. But my son Anand thought it was better if I knew. When I was told, I just fell to the ground. I wanted to return by the first available flight. Didi (Lata) has taken this very badly. She just can’t stop crying. I wish she hadn’t been told about it. Didi is mostly in her room, so she needn’t have known. But when it happened, the place was swarming with activity. So it couldn’t have been avoided," Asha told the tabloid.

Abour Varsha Bhosle
Varsha, who sang for some Hindi and Marathi films besides appearing in concerts with her mother, reportedly tried to end her life in 1998 and 2008.

She was the second of Bhosle's three children with first husband Ganpatrao Bhosle. Varsha, who also wrote for magazine and web portals, was married to a sports writer but the marriage ended in 1998.