I haven't signed any film yet


By IndiaFM

While on SAAWARIYA, one keeps hearing about the number of films Ranbir Kapoor has signed even before his first film has hit the screens. Reportedly, he already has four films under his belt:- Yash Raj’s new film, to be directed by Siddharth Raj Anand; Rajkumar Hirani’s next project; BLACK and SAAWARIYA cinematographer K. Ravi Chandran’s directorial debut; R.K. Films’ new film, to be directed by dad Rishi Kapoor.

“Let me clarify, I haven’t signed any film yet. There’s nothing official on any film, as of now,” Ranbir informs me. Okay, what’s the status on each of those films? “Siddharth is a friend. We’ve grown up together. Yes, we’re talking about a film, but it’s not on paper yet. As for Raju Hirani’s film, I’d love to work with him. But he hasn’t approached me for any film. I really don’t know how this news originated,” he clarifies.

What about K. Ravi Chandran’s film? And also R.K.’s next production? “It’s true that Ravi Chandran has approached me for a film, but we haven’t decided anything yet. The talks are in the preliminary stages right now. As for our home-production, yes, it’s a desire to revive the company and we’re working in that direction, but there’s no game plan yet,” he smiles. That should set the rumours to rest!