"I have a very strong sense of destiny" - Kunal Kapoor ...


By IndiaFM News Bureau

She is slowly and steadily making a place for herself in the Indian

movies… from niche cinema to commercial multiplex cinema, she has truly

come a long way... her performance in Omkara won her many pats on her

back... the one girl that every intelligent cinegoer absolutely adores...

Konkana Sen Sharma

Karan: Does it bother you that you are not in the consideration for all

the matka jhatka movies?

Konkana: No, it actually takes a lot of pressure of me, because if I was

perceived like that then I would have to live up to that which I won't be

able to.

Karan: You don't think, we chatted about this last time, but I thought

things would have changed... you are doing mainstream films now

Konkana: I am doing.. but even in those mainstream films ..there are no

matkas and jhatkas

Karan: But you know .. to be in those big mainstream films .. like a

mainstream love story with a big hero with songs and dance .. do you

never want to do films like those?

Konkana: No, you know .. I am doing this film, where Kunal and I are

going to do a song

Karan: Like an item song?

Konkana: Not an item song.. we won't be doing matkas on table

hopefully .. but we will be doing a song and I have lip synced also for

Pradeep Sarkar's film ..

Karan: Lip syncing is a big deal for you ..

Konkana: For me .. ya .. for me it was .. I never had to do it so


Karan: So the first you did it was now..

Konkana: Ya ..with Rani can you believe it .. I was so nervous

Karan: You, Rani and Jaya ji .. I hope you made the film in Hindi


Konkana: I heard you telling some people that we were making regional

films ..This is what I heard

Karan: I just said, I hope you are making the film in Hindi and not


My next guest is the sexiest new entry in the Hindi movies ..his first

performance in Meenaxi may have got unnoticed .. but he more than made

up for it with his performance in Rand De Basanti .. he stood out in the

fantastic ensemble and is now here to stay .. the very hot and happening

Kunal Kapoor ...

Karan: Did you regret doing Meenaxi?

Kunal: No, not really

Karan: You danced for free ..

Kunal: Now, when I look back .. ya I danced for free

Karan: But, seriously, when you look back do you think Rang De

Basanti should have been your debut film?

Kunal: Ahhh .. I don't know .. I have never looked at things like that ..I

have a very strong sense of destiny and I know that things will work out ..I

don't questions things ..

Karan: So did you think that people were going to perceive you as this

new pin-up boy .. this new sex symbol ..

Kunal: Honestly that disturbs me a lot ..

Karan: So you actually don't like this tag you have

Kunal: No ..no I love it .. I am joking .. I am just like this regular

intelligent, good looking, sensitive type of a man

Karan: I am totally getting that ..

Konkana: laughs ..

Karan: Alright, Konkana .. do you think Kunal is sexy?

Konkana: Ya .. he is very sexy and he is very sweet and I am doing

two films with him .. and all my friends are so happy .. they are like wow

you are working with Kunal Kapoor ..he is so hot ..

Kunal: And all my friends are really happy and are saying she is going

to kick your ass.

He is the funniest guy in the business... his straight faced comic timing

has made him the darling of multiplex cinema and masses .. he hails from

an illustrious political family ..the fantastic actor .. the very humble Ritesh


Karan: Your father when he saw you in Apna Sapna Money Money ..

what was his reaction?

Ritesh: He was like .. is that you? What's wrong with you?

Karan: But tell me when you were on the sets .. was there any man who

hit on you?

Ritesh: Ya ..

Karan: There was .. who?

Ritesh: Anupam Kher .. Chunky Pandey asked me what are you doing

after the shoot? Will you join me for coffee?

Karan: So, Chunky Pandey and Anupam Kher actually hit on you ?

Ritesh: As in .. they asked me for coffee?

Karan: All full support from the family always?

Ritesh: Absolutely .. my mother was the first in my family who said ..

you just go and try it out ... if it doesn't work fair enough ..you don't have

to do everything for success

Karan: You have been very close to Hrithik Roshan .. you have grown

Duggu.. you have known him for how many years now?

Kunal: About 17-18 years

Karan: So you'll are childhood friends?

Kunal: Ya

Karan: Tough act to follow

Kunal: It's just very annoying .. because I call him up every day .. I tell

him how much I hate him .. because every time you feel you are doing

something good and he sets the standard a little higher ..and then you have

to make double the effort .. so I call him every day and tell him how much I

hate him .. I love him as a person but I hate him professionally and I make

sure I tell him that

Karan: Now, Konkana, do you regret not doing Mira Nair's


Konkana: Regret is not the right word .. I wish I could have done it ..

even today I would still do 15 Park Avenue .. it's like my home


Karan: You chose your mother's film over Namesake

Konkana: Obviously .. I choose my mother's film .. I mean Salaam

Bombay, Monsoon Wedding are such lovely films .. I would have loved to

do Namesake ..I felt bad .. But, Tabu is brilliant!

Karan: Were you intimidated by the huge and successful star cast of


Konkana: I was .. but they were all amazing

Karan: Was that because they didn't consider you a threat?

Konkana: laughs .. I hope that they are nicer people than that?

Specially Kareena is so warm, gracious and lovely

Karan: An actress praising Kareena .. that's a first

Konkana: Because one has read about Kareena in the past and all .. but

she is so lovely

Karan: That's fantastic . I love her and adore her .. but have not known

another actress praising her ..

Karan: Tell me Ritesh .. you have been part of these mainstream

masala movies ..does it sometimes worry you that you have not done

credible efforts like Omkara or Rang De Basanti?

Ritesh: Not really .. because these kind of films .. happen you know ..

someone recently asked me which one film would you have loved to be a

part of and I said Rang De Basanti .. apart from that .. I think that there are

certain films that entertain and thankfully I am a part of them .. be it Masti

or whatever

Karan: But, you have made a mark .. you may not have been a part of

a Rang De Basanti or Omkara .. but have made a mark and hats off to you


Karan: Yours' is not even an alleged link up .. you are with Ranvir

Kunal: No, they are just good friends

Karan: It's not a rumour .. it's a publicized fact ..so, are you dating


Konkana: I can't say now .. who I am dating and who I am not .. I

think that Ranveer is a brilliant actor .. I like him very much and I love

working with him .. and he's a great guy

Karan: I never expected this level of diplomacy from you


Konkana: Just because we are friendly and chatty .. he is trying to

hypnotize us and get everything out

Karan: We heard of this alleged break up .. that we read about

Konkana: That was hysterical .. they wrote a story with all kind of ..

forget breaking up .. other women and all kinds of things

Karan: that was terrible

Konkana: In fact I am very ashamed for them ..

Karan: We have hear this time and again and you have never come on

record to say this .. or may be it's not true .. I don't know .. your first co-

star Genelia .. you have been paired with her for I don't know how long? Is

it true?

Ritesh: It's not true .. it's a rumour

(liometer beeps)

Karan: You have no woman in your life?

Ritesh: As of now .. No

Karan: So, Genelia is dating who?

Ritesh: I have no idea

Konkana: That was clever .. laughs ..

Kunal: Ritesh has this very honest look about himself ..

Ritesh: When you are honest .. you will look honest

Karan: You know there was this cover which said you were having a

gay relationship .. do you get irritated when people question you about

your sexuality?

Ritesh: I think you know if you are not linked with a girl then they will

link you with a guy

Karan: Did that bother you? Did you get back to that journalist?

Ritesh: No, I feel bad for them .. they don't have anything .. so they

will make up stories .. you don't have to do anything about .. not get

bothered .. let it just die its own death

Karan: You don't feel upset

Ritesh: I have gone beyond it

Karan: Are you waiting for the parental sanction .. you will finally land

up with a girl your parents want

Ritesh: No, eventually I will marry a girl whom I like .. but obviously

she has to come into the family .. so she has to be approved by the


Karan: And she is not Genelia

Ritesh: No