I have blind faith in Priyadarshan - Tanushree


By IndiaFM

Tanushree Dutta made her Bollywood debut in with Aashiq Banaya Aapne opposite Emraan Hashmi in 2005. She has experimented with different genres be it thriller in Chocolate or suspense in Raqeeb. She did a cameo in Priyadarshan’s comedy Bhagam Bhaag and then bagged the lead role in his next venture Dhol which is all set to release this week. This dusky sexy siren has also stepped into endorsements; for Geetajali Jewelry, the D’ Damas Group.

In an exclusive interview, Tanushree talks about her upcoming film Dhol.
What is Dhol all about?
I think I would be giving away too much of the plot if I say what exactly will happen in the film. There’s a bit of suspense thrill element also in the film but primarily, it is comedy film. Basically there are these five guys Tusshar, Kunal, Sharman, Arbaaz and Rajpal Yadav trying to get my attention. I’m playing the character of a rich girl and these five guys are head over heels in love with me. Besides this, there are other interesting things which are worth watching. It’s a mad cat comedy. These guys have an excellent rapport among themselves and share excellent chemistry.

What made you sign this film?
Primarily, it was my desire to work with Mr. Priyadarshan. I have worked with him earlier in Bhagam Bhag. I think he is an excellent director and I couldn’t stop myself availing the opportunity of working with him again.

So, is Priyadarshan the factor that made you sign this film and not the script?
See, Priyadarshan has a reputation of churning out comedy films which have gone ahead and become blockbusters. I think he is a maestro at comedy and I have blind faith in him as a director. And thus it goes without saying, that the script is a fabulous one and I have been offered one of the central characters. So, there was nothing much to ask beyond that. I think Priyadarshan is a maestro at comedy and I have blind faith in him as a director.

What is your character in the film?
I play a small town girl. I drive a two-wheeler scooty in the film and just out of the college.

So, your character is no different from any other character you have played before?
I think that should be figured out once you watch the film.

Do you have any specific look for this film?
I do not have a very alluring look in the film. I am to portray the look of a simple girl although she has the capacity to dress up like a diva but she chooses simplicity over glamour. That’s about it.

How was it working with Tusshar, Kunal, Sharman, Arbaaz, Rajpal Yadav and Om Puri?
It was fantastic. I have worked with Tushaar and Sharman earlier in Good boy Bad boy and Raqeeb respectively. It was wonderful and comfortable working with them. I was really taken aback by Kunal’s work because it’s the first time he is doing a comedy film and Rajpal was too good. I was looking forward to shoot with Om Puriji. He is a very senior actor and has been in the industry for a very long time now. It was good learning experience being around him on the sets. I was really taken aback by Kunal’s work because it’s the first time he is doing a comedy film.

How is Priyadarshan as a director?
I think there’s a lot an actor can learn from him because he gives a lot of input in terms of enhancing ones performance. He is very precise and particular about what he wants from an actor and how he wants an actor to perform a particular scene. An actors’ work becomes so much simpler. He would enact out certain scenes if the actor would not be able to understand his requirements; it’s wonderful to work with a director like Priyadarshan.

What is your dream role?
My dream role... (pauses) I think I have always said it. It would be an action-oriented film where I actually get to do the action. This is something which we have always seen in Hollywood films. And I feel Indian Filmmakers should give an opportunity to actresses to work in action films.

Coming back to Dhol how is the music of the film?
The music of the film is very catchy, specially the title track which I am personally very fond of. And there is one more song, ‘Bheegha Aasmaan’ which I have shot with the four boys; more like a fantasy, there’s lot of comedy throughout the song. I like it because it’s my film. I would be biased towards it. I think most of my film songs have done really well.

Any memorable moments you cherish today?
I think our Pune schedule was a lot of fun. All five of us built a great rapport during that time. These four boys would enact their scene and when I would turn around, I would burst into laughter. The mischief these four were upto was too funny to handle. I would keep laughing at one corner by myself.

Why should people go and watch the film?
I think the USP of the film is that it is full of young stars. It’s a comedy with a little twist and a dash of suspense and thriller angle to go with it; which I would not want to disclose. It’s a bit unusual as normally you have a complete comedy or thriller.

What according to you works, acting skills or acting with a big production house?
Both I guess, it depends on what I am working on. There are times when you come across some fabulous roles which you always wanted to do but there may not be bigger names involved in it. And then, there are these big banners making a film which offers you insignificant role but you are certain that you will be presented in a very good manner. And your hardwork wouldn’t go waste. I think lot of things count.

If Yash Raj Productions offers you a film and you don’t like the script. What would be your decision?
I guess I have been ardent Yash Raj fan since many years. And, always want to be a part of their film. Though there are very less chances of my not liking the script. However, if that happens, I would still go ahead and do that film.

You have explored your acting skills in all sorts of genres. Which genre do you feel can give your career a new dimension where you are most comfortable?
The reason why have been exploring genres because I don’t want to restrict my career nor let it get monotonous. I don’t think I can pin point a particular kind of role or genre I enjoyed the most. I love all of them. But if I were to do the same thing again and again, I would get bored. It’s not about experimenting but doing something different every time.

Have you signed any deals with any production house?
I do have a three film contract with Subhash Ghai (Mukta Arts) which I had signed during Good Boy Bad Boy. That’s the only deal.

Have you signed any new project?
I have signed an action film which is yet to be titled; it will be directed by a new director, Hadi Abrar. It’s not a part of mainstream cinema; something which will give a swing to my career. And I am in the process of signing some films but I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it. I am very superstitious about these things and I’d rather wait for the right time for now I only want to concentrate on Dhol.

What is your take on exposing in the films?
I have no take on it…I guess (pauses) I have no take on it actually

When is Speed going to release?
I have no clue (laughs) seriously I really have no clue. We have been shooting for it from a very long time now. But I am great expectations from that film because it’s taken a long time to complete it. I am longing for the day of its release.

You have switched over to brand endorsements. Which product are you endorsing?
Gitanjali jewelry, the D’damas group.

How did this happen?
They had kept a track of my career, from the beginning. I guess they thought I fit the bill perfectly and so they approached me with this offer. Moreover, I have a great inclination towards jewelry; hence this offer fascinated me. I guess being an ambassador of jewelry brand; will only add to my personality.