I find Shilpa Shetty hot: Mary Kom


By Hindustan Times

After her win at the London games in August this year, MC Mary Kom, 29, is in high spirits. From being the brand ambassador for actor Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s Super Fight League to a movie being made on her life by filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Kom seems to be enjoying it all.

“I met Raj and Shilpa and I found Shilpa hot. She even invited me for Raj’s birthday and I think that is really sweet of her,” says Kom, who was recently in the Capital to launch Aircel’s celebrity chat. As for the movie, she says, “The movie will be a learning experience for many youngsters in India, as it will show the hardships I went through as a sportsperson in my earlier days. It will be an inspiring movie.”

Kom, the mother of two
In spite of Kom’s busy schedule, she still tries to take out time to spend time with her family, specially her kids. “I didn’t see my kids for two months while I was in London. They used to call me and ask when are you coming home? I bought them a scooter and a skateboard from London.” When home, Kom helps her kids with their homework. But, is she a strict mom? “Sometimes, I do scold them, but mostly for them, it’s fun time with mom.”

On boxing
According to Kom, during her earlier days, she had faced a lot of hardships. People used to question her that how can a woman become a boxer. “There was a lot of gender politics in the game,” she says. “Boxing is my first love. It took me 11 years to prove myself and I am enjoying this phase. I will resume training next year and I also want to dedicate more time to my sports academy,” she adds.