'I feel indebted to Italy' - Kabir Bedi


Author : Saumit Singh

The Golden Pegasus Awards to honour Kabir Bedi for lifetime


He may be an irregular visitor to India, but Kabir Bedi has grown into

something of a superstar in Italy — even Europe — over the last 30 years.

It's now almost his adopted country and fittingly, this Sunday, he'll step on

stage to receive the Golden Pegasus Award for lifetime achievement —

joining the likes of Billy Wilder, Peter Greenaway and Susan


Says Kabir, "Italy may have adopted me but my heart belongs to India.

But Ifeel immensely indebted to Italy for all the love and success they

continue to give me. This award is for my entire body of work in Italy over

the last 30 years."

While his international successes include his role in the James Bond

classic 'Octupussy' with Roger Moore and as Michael Caine's tribal

companion in 'Ashanti', his title role of a gritty freedom-fighting pirate in

the European series 'Sandokan' was a huge hit in Europe.

But while he's well acknowledged outside India's borders - in 2005 he

even received the Asian Jewel Lifetime Achievement Award in London —

the Indian film industry seems to have forgotten to give him a similar

award. "The Indian film industry probably thinks of me as a young man

and still has many wonderful roles in mind for me, so I would hate to rush

them in to giving me lifetime awards," chuckles Kabir in genuine good

For the big night, Kabir will have his girlfriend for company. "Parveen

(Dusanj) will be with me of course. We always travel together. I have

prepared a long and tearful speech to let them know the best is yet to

come!" he laughs.

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