I feel blessed to be in Oscars promo: Ajaz Khan

By Hindustan Times

Actor Ajaz Khan is a happy man, and rightfully so. He is the only Indian actor who was selected to be featured in the Oscars promo, and calls his selection a stroke of good luck and good wishes.

“I believe I got the part because of luck and my mother’s blessings,” says the actor, known for his work in Bollywood flicks such as Rakta Charitra and Allah Ke Bandey. He has also garnered huge popularity in Tollywood for his negative roles.

Ajaz“I had just finished shooting at a studio when someone told me that an audition for casting for the promo of Academy Awards was being held nearby. At the audition, I had to basically give an expression of being excited at watching the awards ceremony. Once I gave the audition, I forgot all about it.

But later, I got a call from the pro