"I don't want to slot my film into musical genre" - Ken Ghosh


By Joginder Tuteja Bollywood Hungama News Network

Ken Ghosh is finally a happy man. Leaving the so-called controversy around Jiah being replaced by Genelia behind, he has moved on to do better things for his yet untitled movie with Shahid Kapoor by shooting non-stop for a few songs. Highly charged with the way the shoot is going, he goes on to appreciate the film's composer Adnan Sami for the fabulous music that he has created for the film.

"You have to hear it to believe it", says Ken whose last two films Ishk Vishk and Fida too boasted of quite a few popular tracks, "Adnan Sami has created some outstanding music for my film. You will hear a very different Adnan this time around; what he has done is simply kick-ass."

One really hopes so because after a terrific score in Lucky - No Time For Love, one has waited for Adnan to return to similar form through films like Mumbai Salsa, Shaurya, Khushboo and 1920.

So are there any highlight tracks that we are looking at? "Now that's something that a filmmaker as well as audiences also expect from the music i.e. to have a couple of lead tracks that could help the album sail through. However, that was never an intention for the music of our film. Here it's not a single track that will be the USP of the music; each of the numbers is going to make an impact", he says.

So can it be conveniently stated that his film can be slotted in the 'musical' genre? "See, if you make a movie like Chicago, you can term it as a musical since there you could have characters break into songs and state dialogues through music. It's not the case with my film. And if you ask me whether the film has quite a few songs and are they all integral to the narration then well, most films being made today could be termed as musical by that definition", he reasons.

He isn't comfortable assigning a genre to his film. "Really, I don't like putting a film into one particular bracket", says Ken, "Ultimately, a film should have a good story, which we certainly have. The film is about a dancer (played by Shahid) who is a struggler. The film is about relationships where an individual believes that he/she knows it all but ends up learning a lot from the people around. It is mainly about human spirit and how you look at life!"