I don't like reality TV - Ayesha Dharker


By IndiaFM

Ayesha Dharker, this British actress of Indian origin started her film career with Francois Villier’s film, Manika: Une vie plus tard. She subsequently acted in other American and French films. Her first Hindi film was Saaz, she was critically acclaimed and earned a nomination for the National Film Award for Best Actress in India and the Cairo Film Festival award for Best Artistic Contribution by an Actress for the film, The Terrorist.

Her latest film Loins of Punjab Presents directed by Manish Acharya stars Shabana Azmi and Ajay Naidu. The film was released this week.

Ayesha Dharker was live on IndiaFM's Celebrity Chat, where she interacted with her fans. Here are some excerpts from the same. shahG : Hello Ayehsa ji. How are you?
Ayesha Dharker : I am fine, looking forward to this evening, when we have the premiere of this film, "Loins ..."

Akshayezz : What do u think about Akshaye Khanna?
Ayesha Dharker : hi Akshaye...I think Akshaye Khanna is quite cute... we stayed at his house while my house was being redone when I was about seven years old, and he was very sweet and didn't bully me!

amongtheodds : u r looking fabulous
Ayesha Dharker : Thanks Amongtheodds. that is an interesting name!

Saurabh Jayant : Hello Ayesha, please tell us about Loins of Punjab
Ayesha Dharker : Hi Saurabh, Loins is a comedy about a singing competition in New Jersey, and it is all about the contestants... I am not competing though my boyfriend in the film is...

RaJ : Hi Ayesha... I really adore your style of working.. am fan of yours. from the time u worked in terrorist
Ayesha Dharker : Hi Raj, I am so glad you liked the terrorist, it was great fun to do... we shot the film in fifteen days, for a tiny budget, so I am thrilled that people saw it...

Priya64 : who are the other star cast in the movie..
Ayesha Dharker : Hi Priya, the other people in the cast are Shabana Azmi, Jameel Khan, Darshan Zariwalla, and it is a hinglish movie

Priya64 : any plans to work in any commercial Hindi movies.
Ayesha Dharker : Hey Priya, no plans yet to do a commercial movie but have met some directors this time and might do a Hindi film soon, no dates yet, and it's not final, but it might happen. I do not care what language I work in but I really miss being in Bombay and would love to work here more!

Priya64 : which one actor wud u love to work with?
Ayesha Dharker : Hi Priya I would love to work with Robert de niro and Seema Biswas and Irrfan Khan

Akshayezz : Akshaye Khanna in Dil Chahta Hai or Akshaye Khanna in Gandhi, My Father? Which one is better?
Ayesha Dharker : Hey Akshaye you sound like a real akshaye Khanna fan! I think he was better in Gandhi...

Chander : hey ayesha have u seen CHAK DE INDIA ?? any comment bout movie ??
Ayesha Dharker : I can’t wait to see Chak de....

bollywoodfan : what do you like about being an actor?
Ayesha Dharkar : The best thing is that I get to do what I love. it’s a funny combination of traveling and working with people who I respect, but the best part is finding a great script and working on set.

ratty : I saw you crying on Voice of India. was the real or just acting ;)
Ayesha Dharkar : Hi Ratty! I was very embarrassed that they showed me crying because when the little nani came on I kept thinking of my nani, who I miss very much , so there was no acting involved. luckily Shabana was crying too so I wasn't the only one!

torontoguy : ayesha....i think you should do a film with the one and only Amitabh...what r your thoughts on that ? r there any potential projects ?
Ayesha Dharkar : I would love to do a film with Amitabh, but would lobe it to be a funny movie...

Dolly 4u : hi ayesha i loved u in Bombay dreams, u are a natural!
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey Dolly, thanks. I was very nervous at first but glad it worked out

sneha : Ayesha do u watch Indian Idol? Who do u want to win? have u ever though of doing TV shows?
Ayesha Dharkar : I do TV shows all the time but not here.. would like either guy to win on Indian Idol... it's so great that the people from those states finally have someone to represent them.

Dee : Which would be your favorite Hollywood movie?
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey Dee, Probably Blade runner by Ridley Scott. I al a science fiction fan, but there are loads of films, I really love When Harry Met Sally

vabs : Tell Me about Your upcoming Projects
Ayesha Dharkar : Hi vabs, i have another film coming out called Outsourced and i think it's the best film I have ever been involved with

James : ayesha aap married ho kya?
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey James, I am not married. too busy with work!

Priya64 : amir or srk.. who the better actor?
Ayesha Dharkar : I think Amir is a better actor but for some reason SRK is more wonderful They are both pretty cute though

Noor : who is your favorite bollywood actor?
Ayesha Dharkar : My favorite bollywood actor is Irrfan Khan

Priya64 : if not an actress what alternative career wud u have gone into/
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey Priya I would have become a film editor.. i still would love to do that job someday

hitubaba : Ayeshaji wat is it that a sydneysider Indian needs to enter bollywood ....acting course qualification or wat
Ayesha Dharkar : Hitubaba... what is a sydneysider? I think you need a lot of luck and a little experience in acting think you need any course or any thing but all the best with your acting plans...

Dolly 4u : do u like reality TV? wud u ever be part of big brother?
Ayesha Dharkar : I don’t

Noor : do you like to work in south Indian films?
Ayesha Dharkar : Hi Noor, I would love to make another film with Santosh Sivan and yes would love to do some more south indian films

Dolly 4u : what does "loin" mean?
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey Dolly... in our film, it is meant to be lions of Punjab but because they are Punjabi they pronounce it loins.. I think loin is a kind of meat

Priya64 : which TV shows have u done?
Ayesha Dharkar : I did a show here a very long time ago called Mouthful of Sky and there in London, i am doing a show called Dr. Who, The Commander, waking the dead, and lots of other ones for the BBC

Dolly 4u : im so glad u don’t look "skinny and plastic" like all other bollywood actresses. Way to go girl!
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey dolly thanks, it's not out of choice. I love food too much to be skinny. if you like restaurants like me, then go to Soam, which is the best Gujju restaurant in Bombay. heaven on earth!!!

pratima : do u think education is necessary to enter this industry
Ayesha Dharkar : Hey Pratima, i think education is necessary in any industry because you have to understand about the business aspects of film making as well...

bollywoodfan : its 11:40 p.m (USA) have to sleep, good night Ayesha, wish you success. If you meet Amitabh Bachchan can you tell him that he is the BEST.
Ayesha Dharker : Thanks bollywood fan, will let him know!

Kenny : do you think being a parallel cinema artist makes u a better actor then the ones from mainstream bollywood actor
Ayesha Dharker : Hey Kenny, I think they are actually fun to do and give me scope to act, i think Bellwood is more performance and less acting, but there are very good actresses in Bollywood films like Priety Zinta and i really like Lara Dutta

Noor : which part of India do you hail from?
Ayesha Dharker : Hi noor, I come from Bombay, but my dad is a maharashtrian and my mother is Pakistani. her family is fro Lahore and she grew up in Glasgow

sajupt : How was the experience of working with santosh sivan?
Ayesha Dharker : Hey Sajupt, Santosh Sivan is a genius... very easy to work with and he got me watching Krypton Kieslowski films

ick : hi wat r your expectations from loins film? its not a typical bollywood starrer
Ayesha Dharker : Hi rick, i just hope people watch the film and have fun... it's a good evening out!