"I don't feel glamorous anymore" - Kangna Ranaut


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Very recently, Kangna shocked the industry when she made the bold declaration that 'she never felt like being a part of a hardcore Bollywood commercial film because she had no respect for such cinema'! Joginder Tuteja catches up with Kangna on the eve of the release of Fashion for a candid conversation. As the clock has started ticking for the arrival of the film at theaters across the globe, a pertinent question which one can't help but ask is - 'Who amongst the three actresses in Fashion would walk away with the honors. Over to Kangna:

Priyanka has been hailed as the central protagonist in the film. Where do you and Mugdha fit in?
(Smiles) Should I really be commenting on it at this moment when the film is ready to be seen by on and all? You should watch the film and you'll get to know.

But with most of the promos centered on Priyanka, didn't you feel left out?
I didn't. Because the central character of the film is Priyanka. Even the publicity stills and promos are giving the right impression of the film. People should not get the wrong notion about the movie that the promos were focused on one person and the story is about someone else.

Madhur's realistic cinema has always raised eyebrows. Do you want to elaborate on Fashion is it again comes with similar traits?
Raised eyebrows? I don't know in which way? But he has always been appreciated for the films that he has made. He has also won National Awards. I am sure that this film has a possibility of winning him one more award and I think its going to be a very high impact film rather than a controversial one.

You have been a model yourself. That must have helped your performance in Fashion, right?
(Scowls) Puhleeze, let me clarify this once again...and on the records. I was never a model! It is a misconception that some people have been carrying with themselves.

After being in the industry for around 3 years, do you feel wiser when it comes to making career decisions?
Today when I have to make a decision, I do feel much more confident and much stronger. I was just discussing with my friend the other day about how people change and how we grow up from inside. I was 18 yrs when I started, I am 21 today, tomorrow when I become 45 years and when I look back I won't be the same Kangna. At 18- I was different, at 21- I was different and at 45 also I will change. I do feel much wiser while talking decisions today. I feel stable today.

Once upon a time, Kangna was a simple girl from Manali with big dreams. Has the world of glamour allowed that simplicity to remain?
I think I was much more glamorous before I entered films. I was very funny as a person and I used to think of myself as a huge superstar compared to what I think of myself today. Like when I was in school I used to compare myself to American actors and Miss World and Miss Universe. But today after being in this world I don't feel glamorous anymore.

Yup, seriously. In fact I have become boring. I don't want to think about acting all the time. I have completely changed as a person, I am not exciting anymore and my life is not exciting anymore. I think, before I came into this glamorous world I was much more fun and funny and exciting as a person.

What happens from here?
Roshan should be releasing any time. Then there is Raaz 2 that is confirmed for January 2009. Kites is another film and I am also doing an international project!