I don’t stoop that low: Akshay Kumar on Anita Advani


By Hindustan Times

Actor Akshay Kumar says that he will not react to his father-in-law late actor Rajesh Khanna’s alleged live-in partner Anita Advani’s allegations against him and his family.

“No, I don’t stoop that low. I don’t talk about that,” the actor says when asked about Advani’s allegations against him and the Khanna family. When asked about the counter petition that he has filed against Advani in the Bombay high court claiming that she had no right to claim any share from Khanna’s properties, the actor says, “You will have to ask my lawyer.”

In her petition and interviews to media, Advani has alleged that after Khanna passed away in July this year, his family members evicted her and that they have forged the late actor’s will.

Akshay was in town to promote his film Khiladi 786. “I come (to Delhi) every month. I have my house here and I come and stay here quietly. I enjoy Delhi and especially this weather. If I ever want to put on weight, I come to Delhi in this weather. I love Old Delhi ... it has the best food,” he says.

The actor, who was recently shooting in Old Delhi’s Khari Baoli for his next film Boss, shares that the people there don’t treat him like a star. “They meet Akshay the brother. Everywhere I go to shoot, people shout ‘Akshay’. Here it’s ‘Akshay bhai’. I’m not away from them, they are not away from me. It’s hard to shoot where we were shooting, but the people are so well behaved. If I told them ki saare iss side aa jaao, I need this area to shoot, they agreed.”

Akki, who is now reviving the Khiladi franchise after 12 years, says that it made his 10-year-old son Aarav happy. “He loves it when his father does action. He’s a big action fan and he only comes for shooting when I’m doing action.”