I don’t regret my past: John Abraham


By Hindustan Times

Actor John Abraham seems to be in a great phase both professionally and personally, and is holding no grudges against former girlfriend Bipasha Basu even as she still appears bitter from their breakup two years ago.

“I don’t regret my past. I don’t speak negatively about my past relationships. Also, I am someone who doesn’t pay attention to what is written about me. I don’t watch TV and even if I do, I watch sports channels,” said the actor, who was in the city on Monday, and had an informal dinner chat with select journalists.

Riding high on the success of Race 2, John couldn’t stop gushing about his current girlfriend Priya Runchal. Talking about Priya, who is in London to pursue MBA, the 40-year-old said, “I am in a very happy space at the moment. The best part about Priya is that she is extremely supportive. As she prefers to be away from the public eye, I try to guard her privacy. Both of us give each other space. Touchwood, things are beautiful and simple. I can be myself with her. She is a very sorted and mature girl. Her simplicity is amazing.”

While his ex, Bips, reacts to questions about John with “Who? I don’t know that person,” he remains blissfully apathetic towards her and very engrossed in his own new love life.

He shares the story of how he met Priya. “She was in India, doing her stint at the World Bank. It was through common friends that I met her. It was much later that we briefly worked out together at the same gym.” He doesn’t know when marriage will happen, but says a lot goes into a long-distance relationship. “I will be lying if I said it is easy. You have to be focussed on making your relationship work. Also, it’s important to be loyal and committed. Trust is very important, and I’m glad I’m in a lucky phase where my girl loves and trusts me a lot.”