I don’t have an agenda: Huma Qureshi



Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s first family entertainer — Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (LSTCK) — is all set to hit the big screen on November 2. The film, which has jointly been produced by UTV Spotboy and Anurag, marks Huma Qureshi’s second outing in Bollywood after Gangs Of Wasseypur. And incidentally, in this film too, she will be seen locking lips, with co-star Kunal Kapoor.

However, the young actor isn’t afraid of the spotlight. Insisting she’s here to do a lot more than just a few bold scenes, she answers three quick questions for us:

There are some intimate scenes in your second film as well. Is taking this route a deliberate decision?
Going the bold way somehow has a very negative connotation in Bollywood. I haven’t shed my clothes for a role yet. And whatever I’ve done so far has been as per the requirement of my character. Whether it was Gangs Of Wasseypur or whether it’s LSTCK, the characters are real and when you see them on screen, you can identify with them.

Will we see more of this?
I can’t tell you that. I’m still new. The roles I’ve done so far and the people I’ve worked with till now have all been very good. I’m glad I got to work with them. But I can’t tell you what my next move will be.

What’s your agenda in Bollywood?
I don’t have one. I haven’t come here with a set pattern to follow. As and when I’m offered roles, and if they need me to act in a specific manner, I will. But I’ve not set out to do just that.