"I didn't want to be superstar with my first film" - Adhyayan Suman


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Even as the star cast of Mukesh Bhatt's next film Jashn is yet to be finalized, Adhyayan Suman is an actor who is standing like a pillar of support for the film. Finalised as the main lead of the film, he has been seeing quite a few names being thrown around him for the other three important characters in the film. However, he is unfazed with what goes around him and is looking forward to the shooting to kick start.

"Jashn is a hardcore musical and when someone of the stature of Mukesh Bhatt says that songs here are not just better than what we have seen in number of his catalogue albums of the past but are even better than his own Aashiqui, one has to believe him", says Adhyayan excitedly who saw failure pretty early in his career.

"I won't term Haal-E-Dil as a failure per se", exclaims Adhyayan who was noticed in the film in spite of it being a major disappointment, "It taught me a lot of things even at such a young age. It showed me how failure can hit you hard and the only way you can go is up from there."

But that's not the kind of dream he would have nurtured before he stepped in front of the camera, isn't it? Just like any newcomer aiming for the moon, he too would have hoped for his place under the sun even though he was clearly the second lead in the film! "Honestly, I wasn't set out to be a superstar in my very first film. I wanted to just gain from the experience, regardless of the length of the role. That the film was poorly made is a different story altogether but the fact is my world didn't come falling down. This certainly wasn't a film where I had all my ambitions to become a star centered upon", Adhyayan bares his heart out.

What ambitions does he have from here on? "I can already see myself growing with the kind of work I am doing. Raaz - The Mystery Continues where I am paired with Kangana has turned out to be quite good and I can assure that it would be quite some spooky affair".

He adds, "Then Jashn with Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala as the directors excites me a lot since I get into a different garb altogether and enjoy a musical outing. There are quite a few looks that are being tried for me so that I fit into the rock star mould. There are a few other major projects that I have already signed. So you see, basically I am just stepping in and looking for good work. I am sure there would be exciting times ahead."