"I didn't expect to see Preity in Dubai at such a short notice" - Deepa Mehta


By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

Deepa Mehta's hard-hitting Punjabi film Heaven On Earth about domestic violence was shown at the Dubai Film Festival on Saturday evening. "The experience was surreal," said Deepa from Dubai on Sunday. "The audience composed of directors and film buffs from all over the world who watched in rapt attention. Preity Zinta (who plays the main role) and I introduced the film. And then we were huddled into the green room until the end of the film. Later we attended the Q& A session."

Deepa was delighted to see Preity in Dubai. "I didn't expect to see Preity in Dubai at such a short notice. It was very sweet of her to come since Heaven On Earth is as much her film as mine, in fact more hers. Everyone was raving about Preity after the screening last night."

For Deepa, Dubai is a double celebration. "My Heaven On Earth was screened and my my brother Dilip Mehta's film The Forgotten Woman has also been screened. The film has gone to several festivals all over the world. Everywhere it's been raved about. Dubai is no exception. You're talking to one proud sister."

In Dubai Deepa ran into a very old friend. "I met Goldie Hawn. We've known each other for years. We had dinner together on Sunday night. I was introduced to Nicolas Cage. It's amazing how interested they are in our cinema."