I developed the original story of RA.One: Anubhav Sinha


By Hindustan Times

RA.One director Anubhav Sinha is apprehensive about screenplay writer Yash Patnaik’s intention behind moving to court directly, without clarifying his suspicion about the script with him.

Honouring the interim judgment of the Bombay High Court, Sinha reveals that the Rs 1 crore that the makers have deposited with the court is refundable. “It’s possible that two people can think of similar things. The court doesn’t know our story or his. The whole contest is built on suspicion. The court said that if anything similar is found, Yash would be compensated. The court has also asked us to keep the money as a security deposit, which of course is refundable and subject to the judgment,” says Anubhav adding, “The court didn’t have time to deduce a fair judgment because the film was going to release and so much money is involved. Decisions like these can’t be reached in two to three days.”

Contesting Yash’s honesty about his accusation, Sinha says that he could have made his objection clear many months ago, as the film is being promoted for over a year. “There are two things that are sad about it and that makes me feel apprehensive about is the timing. The first poster of RA.One was out on January 2, 2011 and the trailers were out months ago. He should have called me if he had any suspicion,” he says, adding that Patnaik didn’t approach the Writer’s Association back then, “We are from the same industry.

There is no reason why we should harm each other. He should have gone to the Writer’s Association first. Had he done that, the association would have sat both of us down and given the verdict. If he still thought that they weren’t being fair, then he could go to court,” he says, adding, “I developed the original story of RA.One over three years ago and worked hard for it. Suddenly someone is acting street smart about it… this is unnecessary.”