"I cannot ape my father" - Bobby Deol


By Devansh Patel, IndiaFM

Two of Bollywood's real balwaans Dharmendra and his elder son Sunny Deol have proved that even after several decades in the film industry, they are still accepted. As a matter of fact, younger son Bobby Deol has been trying desperately to survive in the film industry, and with two big films Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Apne releasing one week after the other, the question to be asked is, will Bobby?s career be revamped by big banner Yash Raj or by his dream film Apne? Deol junior?s countdown has just started. In an exclusive one to one from the Courthouse Hotel in London, Bobby talks to IndiaFM's Devansh Patel about the film which is near and dear to him.

Why is Apne special?

Apne is a dream come true. It?s the first time ever in the Indian cinema that all three, my father, my brother and I are working together. Secondly, it?s my second film with my brother after Dillagi and my father?s first film with his two sons. So, it doesn?t make it special but extra special.

How difficult was it to share screen space with the two professionals?

It was never difficult because we?ve always been together in the house whenever we get a chance. This time we were all together in Punjab for a month and then in Mumbai for many days. As far as professionalism is concerned, both the sons are working with a legend called Dharmendra which says it all.

How do you rate the music of Apne?

Everything about Apne is special and music is no exception. There are songs which remind you of your family like the title track. It?s got so much power in it because of its lyrics. Then there is Dekho Tujhe Toh Pyaar Aaye which I personally like.

How far is it true that Apne is all about boxing?

Apne is not about boxing. Yes, it does have my father playing a retired boxer but that's it. It's a film about family relationships. It's such a film that after watching it when you return back home, you?d want to spend time with your family because it brings those emotions out. It?s about a father?s unfulfilled dream which he wants to see come true with the help of his two sons. At the same time it's a film about conflicts between the father and son but there are reasons behind it. It's based on mother's, sister's, brother's and father's emotions and that?s why the film is titled Apne.

After working with Sunny in Dillagi, how much has Bobby matured?

I have a lot. During the filming of Dillagi I was a bachelor. Now I am married with kids. I guess, that makes me a bit matured.

You are paired opposite Katrina Kaif for the first time. How good an actress is she?

Katrina is very dedicated and professional which makes her very honest at the same time. I think that is a great thing to have in you. Not to forget, she is very talented.

Throughout your career you must have learnt something from your elders. What have you learnt from your father in terms of acting?

Acting skills cannot be taught. They can only be explained. Everybody has their own styles and techniques. I cannot ape my father nor can he ape me. So these are the things I?ve learnt from my father.

Does marketing play an important role in the success of a film?

You get a bit confused sometimes because a film which has been marketed well doesn?t work or vice-versa. Somewhere down the line, you have to make people aware of the film and for that no matter how big or small the film is, you have to market it properly.

Which film would you rate as your favourite film from your father?s and brother?s lot?

I love my brothers first film Betaab and then Arjun which was a milestone for many filmmakers because the film was ahead of its time and full credit goes to the director Rahul Rawail. From my father?s lot, I love Mera Gaon Mera Desh and Pratigya. And if I?ve already mentioned my father?s and brother?s films, its time I tell you which film I like of my own. My favourite film is Barsaat as it?s my debut film. Then comes Gupt, Dillagi and Soldier.

When you are travelling overseas, do you often miss your Indian food?

I don?t really miss the food because I tend to eat anything which is available in that particular country. But in Indian food, I love to eat moong ki daal and lauke ki sabji.

Do you think that Apne will surpass your performance you?ve done before in Dosti?

See, Apne is a family drama and Dosti was a film about two friends. If you then ask me whether Apne will see Bobby Deol as a different person, you might be in for a big surprise.

Why should people go and watch Apne releasing on the 29th June?

People should go and watch Apne because when you go back home, you?ll really miss your father and mother. So if you really miss your family go and watch Apne.