'I apologise to Shilpa for my ex-wife's allegations'


Author: Sajeda Momin

Shetty's 'friend' Raj Kundra says the relationship is only of a business


Stung by accusations of an adulterous affair with Bollywood actress

Shilpa Shetty, film producer Raj Kundra tried to clear his name arguing that

his ex-wife Kavita Kundra had at no time tried to affect a reconciliation

between them and was preventing him from seeing his baby daughter.
Insisting that his relationship with Shilpa was only of a business nature,

particularly as he has launched her signature perfume S2, Kundra asserted

that he had nothing to do with Shilpa at the time of his separation from wife

Kavita. He and Kavita were married for 3 years.

"Never in the past nine months did Kavita discuss a reunion, but on the

contrary she said she was enjoying her life with her family," said Raj

Kundra, the 31-year-old businessman whose 'close friendship' with Shilpa

Shetty is being blamed for the break-up of his marriage by his estranged


Over the weekend Kavita gave 'tell all' interviews to tabloids News of

the World and The Daily Mail accusing the Bollywood actress who shot to

fame in the UK this year in Celebrity Big Brother of breaking up her

marriage. "I regret that my personal situation has led my ex-wife to attempt

to damage the reputation of a highly acclaimed celebrity. I would like to

apologise to Shilpa Shetty and her family for my ex wife's shocking

allegations," said Kundra, saying Kavita's comments had hurt him and his

association with the 32-year-old actress.

"I bought my ex-wife her house in January and that's where I used to

go and meet my daughter Deleena. I had fought custody rights for my child

through Walsall County Court asking for custody on weekends, and

allowing her to reside with her mother on weekdays. But Kavita did not

want me to have any access to my child and fought the battle in court

against me and the courts gave consent orders to Kavita on May 2" Kundra

told DNA.

"The court documents stated, however, that the applicant's mother

shall make the child available for reasonable contact with the father," he


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