I am trying to get back in shape again: Mahima


By Shweta Thakur

New Delhi, Nov 19 (IANS) Actress Mahima Chaudhary, now mother of a baby girl, is sparing no effort to get back in shape again and says she might write a book on motherhood.

The Bollywood actress, whose debut movie "Pardes" (1997) was an instant hit, managed to hoodwink the film media as she kept her pregnancy under wraps. Ariyana, her daughter, is five months old.

"I am trying my level best to get back in shape. However, I will do it steadily. I have hired a trainer. Since I am feeding the baby I cannot remain hungry and can work out for half an hour at the max," Mahima told IANS."If I succeed in my endeavour and attain a perfect figure, I will write a book on how to prepare for motherhood and how to cope after giving birth," she said.

The actress was recently in town to support Godrej Ezee Raahat - Ek Abhiyaan, a winter wear donation drive.

Being a mother is a wonderful experience, said Mahima, adding that motherhood has given her many positive qualities.

"I was always very close to children and animals, as they are so dependant on you. Now after having my own child, the change that has come in me is that I have stopped thinking about myself - I keep thinking about my daughter all the time.

"Moreover, another wonderful thing is that I have got back my innocence. I think I had become too mature for some years. Now, I giggle for nothing along with her. Only children can bring back your innocence!" she said.

And when is the actress is planning to make her comeback?

"I never went away from Bollywood, I was doing endorsements and will do more films once my baby is a year old. To start with, I am looking for a romantic comedy."

Commenting on venturing into the field of television, the actress said: "Television is very demanding and I don't think at this point of time I am ready to take up such a project that demands so much time."