I am really looking forward to Aaja Nachle, not because of me but because of Madhuri Dixit - Kunal Kapoor


By IndiaFM

He hasn't built his six packs like Shah Rukh Khan or physique like John Abraham. But what Kunal Kapoor has in common with these stars is his fan following, especially ladies who go ga-ga over his chiseled looks and cute smile. In an exclusive IndiaFM interview, the talented actor shares his memorable days while working with Madhuri Dixit, his latest film Aaja Nachle and the reason for his instant fame in Bollywood.

Seems like you are getting busier with Yash Raj Films with back to back releases. Why this move all of a sudden?
I have no idea about it, you'll have to ask them (laughs). We know you have more female fans but what's with you being a part of women-centric films off late?
No it's not like that. It's not an intentional move to do only Yash Raj Films. In Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and Aaja Nachle, I found my role to be quite interesting and it definitely is not a non commercial film. But you can't say that Aaja Nachle is a women centric film. I mean that's quite funny! If the central character on whom the film revolves is a woman, people start calling it a 'ladies type ki film hai'. That's ignorance. Aaja Nachle is a complete masala film and we are trying to reach out to as many people as possible through you guys and many more.

What attracted you towards the script?
Aaja Nachle is a very beautifully written script by Jaideep Sahni who has previously written for films like Company, Khosla Ka Ghosla and Chak De India. Besides that, it was my role in the film called Imran who is an extremely aggressive guy. Whereas in my earlier films, I have played roles of a very laid back and casual person. So this film is a challenge where my fans will see me in a new avtaar.

Are you aggressive in your real life too?
Yes. But I am not like Imran who goes on the road bashing up people and giving 'gaali's'. I am aggressive about what I want in life. I am aggressive about what's there for me to do.

Is it right in saying that Aaja Nachle is a Madhuri Dixit film all the way?
Oh Yes! Completely. This is my fifth film but this the first time that an actor in me has taken a back-stage whereas the fan has taken a fore-front. Madhuri Dixit, the word, weaves the magic. So imagine what the film will do? In the excitement of working with her, I forgot that I was a part of Aaja Nachle. Such is this woman's impact. I am really looking forward to this film, not because of me but because of Madhuri Dixit.

Did you get a chance to shake a leg with Madhuri?
For that you'll have to go and watch the film. I will rather leave it for your imagination for now.

It's your second time with Konkana. Is the chemistry working? Is it hot or getting hotter?
Right now we are going through our honeymoon period (laughs). We are really fond of each other and the chemistry is working. Maybe by the next film we'd want to tear each others hair out (laughs). But the fact is that she does not have to work so hard as me. Acting comes so naturally to Konkana that you start thinking how to match up to her performance. So every time it's a re-take, I am to be blamed. She is too good.

What will appeal to the people most in Aaja Nachle? Madhuri, the song and dance or Kunal Kapoor?
Definitely not the last one! But yes, it is Madhuri's comeback film and it has lot's of dance and very melodious songs. So everything in the movie will appeal to the audiences. But what's important is the fact that Aaja Nachle is about the triumph of spirit and that's what will stand out the most.

SRK has done it and so has John Abraham but when are we going to see Kunal Kapoor's six pack abs?
Wow! That's like joining the who's who of the six pack. The truth is that I have a six pack and the only six pack I've had is...six packs of beer and I've also attempted a twelve pack. Now I am determined to try for a twenty four pack now and I am going to outdo all these celebrities who've got six pack (laughs).

On a more serious note, don't you think you are too slim?
No. I don't think so. I tell people that I am fit and not slim. But if any role requires me to grow twice in size, then I am most willing to do that.

What have you learnt from the diva called Madhuri Dixit?
It may sound clichéd but one thing which comes across when you meet her is her humility. I've realised that bigger the star you become the more humble you become.

Why should one go and watch Aaja Nachle?
Because I promise you that it's going to be worth every rupee, every dollar and every pound you spend. And if it's not the case then I will be ready to repay the entire amount one has paid to go and watch the film (laughs)

Any more projects in the pipeline?
Nothing yet. Aaja Nachle is the only one I have at the moment. I haven't signed any film yet as I am waiting for the film's release and the response. I've been reading lots of scripts since last two months but haven't yet come across something which can grip my attention. I am still waiting for a special something to come across so I can start a film.

Do you think Rang De Basanti has changed your entire career path?
Oh Yes! Aditya Chopra saw RDB and wanted me to be a part of this film. RDB was a landmark film and shaped my future. I remember during the making of RDB, I was so tired that Aamir Khan told me, "This thing happens only once in your lifetime" I mean we all were so tired that we were loving it. We put everything we had into RDB. I am fortunate that such thing also happened during Aaja Nachle. We had so much fun that Aditya Chopra used to call us 'lovesick' unit because we were all so loving and loved to shoot.

Any Christmas message for your fans?
Have a really great Christmas and a Super 2008. I hope the New Year brings in lots of happiness and lots of light into your life. Be safe and God Bless!