I am not inspired by stars to make films - Imtiaz Ali


By IndiaFM

Imtiaz Ali made his appearance as an actor in Black Friday, and exhibited his direction skills with Socha Na Tha and now will make a hat-trick with his latest release Jab We Met starring Shahid and Kareena. His simple yet unusual style of direction makes him an extraordinary and different director. But how far is he going to be successful in his attempt will soon unveil in Jab We Met

Imtiaz was live on IndiaFM chatting with his fans; here are some excerpts from the chat.

abbass : What are your expectations from the film?
Imtiaz Ali : Expectation - for people to come out of the theatre with a smile.poornimajha : what is Jab We Met all about?
Imtiaz Ali : A meeting of two people in the train. About how the meeting leads to incidents and accidents across North Indian landscapes and how the lives of these people change forever as the journey ends.

tinaaa23 : What is so different about this story compared to the usual love stories?
Imtiaz Ali : The incidents, the result, the vibe. Everything in fact, but you'll have to see it to understand that I guess.

Michelle : When it comes to acting how is Shahid?
Imtiaz Ali : Shahid has extraordinary commitment to his work and great understanding and he is a very good actor.

aarushi : hii imtiaz....So you are sure that was not a publicity stunt?
Imtiaz Ali : how can it be a publicity stunt – why would we talk about a third actor, some other movie - and I don't think Kareena is in the position that she needs to do this drama.

cynicalcount : What about the music of the film? my favorite is Nagada what about you?
Imtiaz Ali : I like, “tum se hi” most although nagada is good too.

kuldeep : Are you nervous?
Imtiaz Ali : luckily kuldeep I have still a lot of work to do till the release so nervousness hasn't got a chance yet.

tssnef : Your first film Socha Na tha was superb loved the story and both the characters but why it didn't work on the box office?
Imtiaz Ali : SNT suffered at the hands of publicity, bad timing and many other issues. But I'm happy people got to see it one way or the other

mfs4005 : Ayesha and Abhay started of with your film, how does that make you feel?
Imtiaz Ali : I am very pleased that Abhay and Ayesha have created space for themselves as actors.

mfs4005 : What was your role in Black Friday?
Imtiaz Ali : I am not interested in acting at all. Black Friday was really about supporting Anurag, succumbing to his emotional blackmail really.

tinaaa23 : Why not acting?
Imtiaz Ali : Not interested in acting. I have acted on stage for many years but I know that my real interest is direction.

eles : Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Imtiaz Ali : Ten years from now I want to be telling more stories with people that is what I have been doing from the past ten years.

tinaaa23 : Did the film Aahista Aahista turn out exactly as you imagined it while writing the story?
Imtiaz Ali : Aahista Aahista turned out according to Shivam's vision. He was the director.

cynicalcount : What was your inspiration while writing SNT?
Imtiaz Ali : Inspiration for SNT - a girl I met in a canteen late at night who was nervous because a boy's family was coming to see her for marriage the next day.

abbass : If you have to tell the audience in a line why should one watch the film then what would you say?
Imtiaz Ali : In a line - it's fun.

tssnef : Among both the films you have directed and wrote, so which is closer to your heart?
Imtiaz Ali : Difficult to say that - it's like choosing between two girl friends or something. I love both the films.

cynicalcount : Do you plan to continue with romantic genre or do you plan to experiment in the others as well?
Imtiaz Ali : NO, not at all there are many other genres which I’m looking at.

Michelle : Any recent movies you have seen?
Imtiaz Ali : I just saw Dil Dosti etc, nothing else from last month.

tasneem786 : What is your take on the Oscar nomination "EKLAVYA”?
Imtiaz Ali : I haven’t seen Eklavya, so can't comment.

eles : How do you rate yourself as a director?
Imtiaz Ali : Eles, Don't get me into a problem zone ha ha ha

cynicalcount : what do you look for in an actor?
Imtiaz Ali : In an actor - the principle ingredient is belief. The rest can be worked upon.

Tanya : Hey Imtiaz , Are Shahid and Kareena both excited about their forthcoming film?
Imtiaz Ali : Hey Tanya - Shahid and Kareena seem very excited about the film - at least as much as I am , may be more

cynicalcount : Why is Kareena's clothes not so glamorous in JWM?
Imtiaz Ali : Kareena's clothes in JWM can’t be glamorous because she is playing an ordinary girl who miss his train and land up in an unmarked junction. if she wore glamorous cloths then no one can say it is realistic film.

Jess : Hey Jab We Met looks awesome, can’t wait to see it.
Imtiaz Ali : Thanks Jess. We all can’t wait too.

ideaunique : Hi, Why don't you work with Aamir Khan?
Imtiaz Ali : Hey , No story so far for which I could approach him.

tssnef : Any aspiration to work with a particular star?
Imtiaz Ali : I am not inspired by stars to make films. I am inspired by stories.

yourtruefan : Are you producing any films?
Imtiaz Ali: No, I’m not producing any film.

eles : Is it true that there is another star in the film who is not shown in promos?
Imtiaz Ali : No Eles, there is no other star who is not shown in the promos of JWM.

bhavya : ok rapid fire : 5 things which you hate?
Imtiaz Ali : Pretty politics, hypocrisy, noise, dishonesty, and loud traffic horns.

sandyorton : Is Shahid dancing in the film?
Imtiaz Ali : sandy, yes shahid is dancing in the film but he is not playing a dancer - that means he is dancing like normal people dance, not overtly choreographed style

sandyorton : What is most important things in your life
Imtiaz Ali : sandy - freedom is the most important thing in my life.

tinaaa23 : If not in the films then what would you have done?
Imtiaz Ali : Tinaaa I was all set to become a basketball player when I was young, but I realized there is no scope for that great sport in India

bhavya : Sriram Raghavana's film, Johnny Gaddaar is considered the best thriller, your take on it?
Imtiaz Ali : I really liked Johnny Gaddaar.

sandyorton : which movie you will watch , OSO Or Saawariya?
Imtiaz Ali : Saawariya, what about you all guys.

Michelle : What’s your take on SRK's Six pack.
Imtiaz Ali : Also M I think a lot of other actors are going to flow suit to the six packs, so the industry will become a fitter place.

yourtruefan : Saawariya looks interesting and OSO looks Filmy how would you decide, which movie is best?
Imtiaz Ali : it is difficult to tell but I believe the film should be good and entertaining, whether it’s larger than life or not or it is secondary.

cynicalcount : Any difficult sequences that you have experienced while shooting the film?
Imtiaz Ali : Bhavya, you asked good question- my favorite thing in JWM - the vibe (Tone) of the film and the spirit really.

bhavya : What were the locations of the film?
Imtiaz Ali : Many different situations cynical, because we shot the whole film in real locations - moving trains, real railway stations, sub zero and in extremely high temperatures, between crowds.

yourtruefan : How much training did Kareena went to learn language?
Imtiaz Ali : Kareena came into great shape for the film. she has done lots of training I'm sure, but she never told me what all she did for it.

cynicalcount : Which is your favorite scene in the film?
Imtiaz Ali : The interval scene!!!!

tinaaa23 : What kind of research did you put in for this film?
Imtiaz Ali : Tinaa - Research was done in trains ever since I was a kid.

papaji : How is Shahid on and off the sets?
Imtiaz Ali : Papaji, Shahid is the most chilled guy on and off the sets. He is very serious about his work but very relaxed when he is not working.

Imtiaz Ali : hey I HAVE TO GO NOW. THANKS GUYS FOR CHATTING WITH ME, hope you will see, “Jab We Met”. bye.