'I am not ashamed of being emotional' - Sunny Deol


Author : After Hours Correspondent Date : 10/10/2007
Sunny Deol: Actor
Lessons I’ve learnt

Your work should speak for you. The day you have to speak about your work, it means things are bad.

My family shares a similar outlook —not to hurt anybody and live with honesty.

“I gave my career a pause because I wanted to do. I’ve seen Bobby grow. He’s like a son to me. I want him to have all that he desires. Often when I’m away on location for days, Bobby just flies down to be with me We are that close and nothing can come between us.”

My relationship with my sons Rocky (16) and Rajvir (12) is similar to mine with my father. A little distance will always remain. It was the fear of my dad that kept me on the discipline track or I could have drifted. All of us in our family are mirror-like. Whether we are hurt or happy — it reflects on our faces. I’m not ashamed of being emotional.

I admire people having the honesty to accept their shortcomings and who are forgiving and forgetting. That deepens bonds. Everybody has anger and frustration inside. How you hold a family together is the greatest test.

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