I am mesmerised by Anurag: Kalki


By Hindustan Times

She is a French married to a small town Indian and they often poke fun at each other's diction but Kalki Koechlin says she is mesmerised by her husband, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

The 28-year-old actress was born to French parents and brought up in Pondicherry while Kashyap hails from Uttar
Pradesh. They may come from two different worlds but Kalki says they were always meant to be together.

"I am still mesmerised by this boy (Kashyap). We are very different. He is a village boy who has now become this successful filmmaker. I make fun of his English and he makes fun of my Hindi, but we keep each other on the edge all the time," Kalki told PTI.

Kalki-AnuragThe actress who married the director-producer in a quiet ceremony in Ooty earlier this year, said that she married early as she wants her marriage to last longer.

"I dated him for three years. We were together for quite some time and so we decided to get married. I married early because I feel that the earlier we get married, the longer it lasts," she said.

Kalki, who rose to prominence with her award-winning performance in Dev D said that the director was initially reluctant to cast her in the film.

"Anurag didn't want to cast me in Dev D as I was a model and that too a European. But after the auditions he was impressed and he called me back," she said.

The actress whose latest film Shaitan has hit the screens said that she has been a 'drama queen' but of late feels like a grandmother.

"I am a drama queen. I look sweet and docile but in reality I am just the opposite. I used to be very mischievous during my childhood. But now at times I feel like a grandmother," Kalki said.