I am great at cooking Keema curry, says President Obama


By Hindustan Times

US President Barack Obama might have had a comprehensive victory in the last US Presidential elections but soon, the White House might see him engage in another big fight. This one, as a culinary expert, reveals India-born celebrity chef Vikas Khanna — the mighty opponent. “Not many know
that President Obama is not just a foodie but a great cook himself,” says Khanna, who had tossed up a Indian- Himalayan cuisine for the US President at a prestigious dinner ceremony, last year. That’s http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2012/12/ObamaChef.jpgwhen the idea of this novel cook-off came, says Khanna.

“He (Obama) called me and said, ‘Hey, you know what, I can also cook Indian food very well! In fact, I am great at cooking Keema curry. I learnt it from my Pakistani roommate at the Harvard. You and I, let’s have a cook-off at the White house’,” recollects chef Khanna, who was in Delhi recently.

So, when will this unique duel take place? “Very soon,” says the two time Michelin-starred chef based in New York, who has been picking up authentic Indian spices from Lucknow to perk up his dish but doesn’t mind losing to the US President in the Keema curry fight.