I am glad that I pulled off Goal - John Abraham


By IndiaFM

John Abraham is thrilled to bits. His Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal has opened to a good response at the box office and to top it up, he has received compliments from all over for a very good performance.

"I was in Delhi on the day film was released and saw it with the audiences in a 400 seater multiplex", informs John who plays the role of Sunny Bhasin, a British citizen with a Punjabi background, in the film. "The response from the audience was phenomenal. They were clapping and cheering along at the crucial moments of the film and it was great to get a first hand response." Tell him that a few feel it's primarily the climax which is the high point of the film and John says, "Isn't it the way it is supposed to be? For a film which is close to two and a half hours, the graph has been kept consistent for the first two hours. There is a certain manner in which the narrative gains and this is why when the escalation starts happening in the last 30 minutes, it becomes much more noticeable."

You can't have a climax kind of situation at the very beginning and make the film reach it's peak early in the stage. Agrees John, "Exactly the point. There is an exhilarating mood which is required to be created in the end and full marks to Vivek Agnihotri for making it happen. The climax match has been shot in a mind blowing fashion and people are already telling me that they would watch the film again due to this very sequence."

If the film indeed gets it's repeat audience, producers UTV may have all the reasons to laugh all the way to the bank. The film has opened in 80%-100% range at multiplexes which has been quite unanticipated. "Seriously, even we never expected such a massive response to the film", John gets candid here, "We were looking at a decent occupancy since the film has been released on a major scale. But near 100% response has come as a pleasant surprise."

John does look the part of a professional footballer in the team. Admits John modestly, "All these training sessions made it possible for us. It was required to get the right body language and physique for the part I had to play. I am glad that I was able to pull it off."

Through with all his existing crop of under-production films, John would now be starting afresh with yet untitled Sriram Raghavan film which may star Aishwarya Rai. Film's shooting is expected to begin in the month of December.