I am eating, sleeping, breathing RA.One: SRK


By Hindustan Times

If you think someone who has invested Rs150 crore in a film would be on tenterhooks days before its release, Shah Rukh Khan’s calm demeanour will surprise you. On a recent visit to Delhi, the actor seemed well in control despite chaotic promotional schedules for his ambitious Diwali release, RA.One.

“I’m eating, breathing, living RA.One these days. It isn’t easy if you have to work with a crew of 2,000 people, out of which around 1,700 are working only on special effects,” he says. But all the hectic schedules have had a damaging effect on one thing — the actor’s temper.

“I’m really on a short fuse these days,” he says, recalling a recent incident where he lost his temper to a journo who had attempted to ask him a controversial question. “I was asked why Priyanka (Chopra) and Sanjay Dutt were not present at RA.One’s music launch when they’ve done cameo appearances in the film. I was like, why can’t you look at the fact that Kareena is here? At least respect her, if not me. Why do you always have to look for controversies?”

Going on about the film and how he has tried to blend Indian sentimental values in a state-of-the-art sci-fi film, he says, “RA.One has a beautiful emotional story about a father, and how he wants to turn cool for his son. It’s also a beautiful love story. In fact, I call it an ‘Aziz Mirza film with a superhero’ (referring to director Aziz Mirza’s brand of romantic films).”

| Ask him what he plans to do an evening prior to the release of the film and his eyes light up, “I’ll be in London … with a prayer in my heart.” And the evening after the release?

“Well, maybe I would just be relaxing with a glass of wine. I can’t even take a long break because Don2 will be just around the corner.” We end by asking him if there’s something he would like to gift himself if the film is a hit. “I’ll gift myself a new car. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” But, he’s quick to add, “Don’t ask me which one. I don’t know these things. I’ll just ask Jay (Jay Mehta, his business partner Juhi Chawla’s husband), he would get the right one for me.”