I am eating, sleeping, breathing RA.One: SRK

By Hindustan Times

If you think someone who has invested Rs150 crore in a film would be on tenterhooks days before its release, Shah Rukh Khan’s calm demeanour will surprise you. On a recent visit to Delhi, the actor seemed well in control despite chaotic promotional schedules for his ambitious Diwali release, RA.One.

“I’m eating, breathing, living RA.One these days. It isn’t easy if you have to work with a crew of 2,000 people, out of which around 1,700 are working only on special effects,” he says. But all the hectic schedules have had a damaging effect on one thing — the actor’s temper.

“I’m really on a short fuse these days,” he says, recalling a recent incident where he lost his temper to a journo who had attempted to ask him a controversial question. “I was asked why Priyanka (Chopra) a