"I am blessed by the choices Shah Rukh has made" - Mushtaq Sheikh


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Mushtaq Sheikh, writer of Billu [earlier titled Billu Barber] is enjoying quite some presence on the big screen today. After his blink-and-you-would-miss appearance towards the pre-climax of Luck By Chance (where he made a split second entry with Shah Rukh Khan before the latter got into a conversation with Farhan Akhtar], he is now eagerly awaiting the release of Billu which he has co-written with Priyadarshan.

A well known author of quite a few books (with number of them centered on Shah Rukh Khan and his projects) and also the writer of Om Shanti Om, Mushtaq Sheikh's own friendship with Shah Rukh could well be the reference point for Irrfan Khan - Shah Rukh Khan starrer Billu.

He certainly seems to be enjoying quite some bond with Shah Rukh Khan, right? "You can call it luck, I could call it destiny. The bond definitely exists of friendship but not all friends get a chance to get work together", says Mushtaq in a philosophical tone, "I guess to put it simply; I am blessed by the choices Shah Rukh has made. He has always been very supportive in everything that I have done. He has always stood by me and I can't ask for anything more."

Getting emotional, he adds, "Like I always say it's a blessing to have a soul like Shah Rukh even in your vicinity; it helps you to find balance in life. Friendship is the winds below my wings, just like the movie Billu."

Still, would it be fine to assume that somewhere down the line, it is the 'friendship factor' with Shah Rukh Khan that keeps his association on with the superstar's movies?

Without getting unnerved, Mushtaq replies calmly, "To answer that I can say that not all Shah Rukh's friends write screenplay for his films, so there must be more than just that to get the job, right? Friendship can give a comfort value, but it does not replace efficiency and talent."

Talking about the familiarity quotient that he enjoys due to his personal and professional relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, he says, "I know what he wants and how he thinks and when you have worked with someone before, you seem to be on the same page always and that helps the process of writing in a big way."

He doesn't fail to mention his comfort levels with the directors he has worked with, whether it is Farah Khan (Om Shanti Om) or Priyadarshan (Billu). "Apart from Shah Rukh Khan, my connections with the directors of the films also contribute hugely to making the work atmosphere cordial and fun. Priyadarshan has been a friend for very more long now and this time when we took on a film together it further cemented our bond", concludes Mushtaq.