I’ve been trying to light up: Ameesha


By Hindustan Times

Actor Ameesha Patel has been trying her hand at smoking a cigarette for two months now, but unsuccessfully. And no, she hasn’t turned smoker, but is simply preparing for her character in her debut production Paradise Street, in which she plays a prostitute.

“I have been trying to light a cigarette for two months now, but failing. In the film, my character smokes a cigar. I thought let me start with a cigarette first,” she says. “I have also been watching a lot of period films since I play a hooker in the 60s. She is the most sought after hooker on that street, so she is very confident and unapologetic about who she is. She is fresh, innocent and hardly wears makeup in the film. Just because you are playing a hooker, doesn’t mean you have to be all caked,” she laughs, adding, “I am totally charged about this film.” Apart from turning producer, Ameesha will soon be designing sunglasses also. “I own 125 pairs of sunglasses... I have a habit of buying a pair every three days. So I’d be approving and selecting the designs,” she says.