I’m married to loneliness: Gaga


By Hindustan Times

She might be the reigning pop star and have the world swooning to her numbers, but Lady Gaga claims that she is a loner at heart. “I’m lonely and married to loneliness,” Gaga told chat show host Simi Garewal on the latter’s show, India’s Most Desirable.

The Born This Way singer, who will soon perform in India as part of her world tour, thinks very highly of Bollywood. She says, “I love it. It’s completely surreal and genius.”

Her love for India is not just limited to Bollywood. The 25-year-old singer also vows her love for Indian cuisine. “I love Indian food. I love spicy curry. I used to eat Indian food in New York,” she says.

Known for her weird dressing sense and outlandish hairstyle, Gaga complimented Garewal for her dress. She said: “You are not dressed regularly. You look like a Fashionista in my eyes.”

Gaga, who is popular for making outrageous comments every now and then, said, “All my lashes are in the shower. Every morning I obsessively line them up.”

She also disclosed her greatest fear: “I am afraid of missing out on a creative idea because of lack of time.” Known to to be a workaholic, Gaga claims that music is her life and that “I would die without my work. I’m reborn every time with my new song and new album.”