HT EXCLUSIVE: Aaradhya spotted with mommy Aishwarya


By Hindustan Times

What if she didn’t get to see mommy sizzle on the red carpet, Beti B was there at Cannes to lend her moral support. We bring you the first exclusive pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan holding her baby girl, Aaradhya.

Even as the actor, who visited France for the just concluded Cannes International Film Festival, made sure the paparazzi didn’t come anywhere close to capturing the six-month-old’s face, in these pictures she can be seen arriving at Nice-Cote d’Azur International airport with the little one cradled to her bosom, in a baby-carrier.

The little bundle of joy, dressed in a pink baby suit and wearing a traditional bracelet with black and gold beads, is protectively tucked in mum’s arms to evade flashlights. Ash and her entourage were seen using all that they could — a folder, a deep red shawl and a suit flap — to keep the child’s face away from the shutterbugs.

Ash was quoted as telling media, “(Motherhood) is wonderful. You ask the question and I beam! It’s splendid... It’s inexplicable. The joy, the bliss, is wonderful. A smile from my daughter and that’s it! She’s good, she’s great.”