Hrtihik Roshan battles mutants in Krrish 3


By Hindustan Times

Actor Hrithik Roshan’s superhero franchise, Krrish, currently in its third installment, will offer the audience some high-octane stunts and action. And this time, it will also feature mutants.

An insider reveals that the filmmakers have roped in foreign stuntmen to play characters like Frog-man, Rhino-man, Scorpion-girl and Cheetah-girl in the upcoming movie. Prosthetic make-up artiste Ritu Janjani was supposed to work on the film, but had to pull out because of her pregnancy. Currently taking care of her one-month-old baby girl, she says, “It’s a mutant film, featuring different characters. So many of the actors are sporting elaborate prosthetics.”

The delay in the beginning of the shoot schedule restricted her from getting involved, admits Ritu. “They were supposed to start shooting in October-November, but they delayed the whole thing. When they finally started the schedule in Hyderabad, I was in my last month of pregnancy and couldn’t fly,” she says.

Apart from Ritu’s revelation, the cast, including Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi, has remained tight-lipped about the entire affair. When asked about the introduction of mutants to the storyline, Kangana exclaims, “How can I tell you anything? We have just finished shooting and I don’t even know when the film will release. Rakeshji (director Rakesh Roshan) will kill me.”

Despite repeated attempts, producer-director Rakesh remained unavailable for comment.