Hrithik was approached for the untitled 'Pink Panther' project


By Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

Casting for the latest installment of 'Pink Panther' continues to keep

making news; especially so since there seems to be great curiosity about

Bollywood stars featuring in the film.

Nevertheless, the latest development while casting for the film comes

as an absolute surprise; something which was unanticipated and

unprecedented. That's because this time around, none less than Hrithik

Roshan has been approached for 'Pink Panther'.

Confirms Hrithik's spokesperson from Hollywood, "Yes, it is

absolutely true that Hrithik was approached for the untitled 'Pink Panther'

project several weeks ago. This was for the role of 'Vicente' in the


The next obvious step would be Hrithik to make a true crossover and

start working on the project, right? "Wrong, after careful consideration,

Hrithik decided to pass on the part," says the spokesperson.

Now this sounds even more surprising than the actual announcement

itself! Why would Hrithik turn down a role which could have got him

instant international recognition? Isn't it an excellent good opportunity that

has been let go? After all 'Pink Panther' has its own cult following.

"Of course, there is no denying any of this. But then there are a lot of

factors involved that come into play before one signs on a dotted line. Add

to it the kind of career high that Hrithik is enjoying currently and his first

international project has to be chosen quite carefully", she says, "However,

even his not playing the part of 'Vicente' in the film doesn't take away from

the fact that Hrithik is a huge fan of Steve Martin. He is definitely hoping

for future opportunities to work with Mr. Martin."

Meanwhile there is tremendous buzz building up in international arena

for Hrithik Roshan. The bankable star-actor currently makes the cover of

publications such as Los Angeles Times. In addition, on various occasions

he has also featured in 'Hollywood Reporter'.

Icing on the cake comes from the statement which was recently made

by one of the most credible Hollywood agents. He commented, "Hrithik is

the Sun & the Moon all by himself!"