Hrithik Roshan is perfection personified: Rekha ...


By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, (IANS) No one in the film industry can accuse Rekha of being

anything but effusive, warm and generous about those whom she loves.

And Hrithik Roshan, whose grandmother Rekha played in the recently

released hit "Krrish", is right on top of the diva's list.

"Hrithik epitomises everything precious in a man. He embodies the

best qualities in a man, be it as a son, lover or husband. This is a

very strong statement I'm making. Hrithik talks about his wife being

perfect. I don't think his wife can be perfect without Hrithik," Rekha

told IANS.

"He is not just well brought up. This kid is a complete human being.

And he is so evolved for his age. I have only my best wishes and my

most ardent prayers for his future."

Rekha, who enjoys a good rapport with his father Rakesh Roshan,

glows with protective pride as she elaborates on the virtues of


"There isn't an iota of jealousy, pride or any other negative traits

in Hrithik. He is perfection personified. As for being hard-working,

every actor has to work hard by virtue of being in such a competitive

profession. But Hrithik works hard not to better anyone but


"And look at the end result. Look at the way he dances, emotes and

fights. And look at the way he feels for human beings. Stranger or

friend, Hrithik doesn't differentiate. He's equally caring to both.

Hrithik can make a wonderful leader. I wish more of our actors were

like him."

Rekha had held Hrithik in her lap when he was a baby.

"I actually baby-sat him for three months. I've bottle-fed him,

changed his diapers - everything. I was so friendly with his mother

Pinky, also Yogeeta Bali and Neetu Singh - all of us were part of one

group," said Rekha who claims that she still keeps in touch with these


"We meet once a year. That's a huge amount of socialising by my


However, Rekha denies she did "Krrish" for Hrithik's sake. "I did it

only because I wanted to be part of the film. It's a very special