Hrithik Roshan gets emotional on social media!


Hrithik Roshan, at the moment, is convalescing post his brain surgery at the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai. And the actor is utilising his time reaching out to family and friends via social media. Hrithik posted a poem on Facebook and dedicated it to his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.
This is what the Bollywood superhero posted on his Facebook wall: "Innocence inspires so silently and discreetly and yet all so powerfully! Missing my sons. (I’m not allowed to see them yet..). The following words I write for them inspired BY them...And wish to hear it from them someday ...."

And the poem ran thus:

"If I could fly... i'd fly my highest.
When I can run... i'll run my fastest.
If I walk... i'll walk my tallest.
If I stand... i'll stand my strongest.
If I need to sit... i'll sit